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Helping children since 2005.

Africa Child Aid is dedicated to helping children in need. We envision a continent where all children can live out their full potential.
Africa Child Aid has been working collaboratively with a variety of local organizations to bring help and hope to the care of the needy child complete their education, develop into confident leaders, and transform their own lives and their communities.

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Africa Child Aid is currently self possessed for significant strategic growth. Our aim is to increase the recognition and importance of mentorship in child’ education and empowerment programs. We are also focused on increasing the body of knowledge and support for child’ life skills.

We envision a future in which all children can pursue the opportunities they choose, raise healthier families, and become leaders in their communities

Africa Child Aid’s mission is to provide quality care that transforms the lives of children in the society through robust and locally led mentorship initiatives.

We’re accountable to you, our donors and sponsors who recognize us for stewardship and financial accountability.


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Education is a fundamental right of a child. Education is so important for the development of the child’s personality, talents, mental and physical abilities. Education enables the child to realize hidden and manifest potentials, thus, a child fulfills his/her destiny.

Awareness Creation and Advocacy

To mitigate the problem of child abuse, stigmatization and abandonment in our society requires systematic and consistent effort aimed at raising the awareness of the child to their understanding, little awareness of human rights of children, and how such rights can be preserved.

Innovative Solutions, One Child At A Time

Through innovative solutions that help children living in poverty achieve their potential, ChildFund is changing the world — one child at a time. Working through local partner organizations, we ensure children are protected and have what they need to achieve their potential at every age.

Child’s Capacity Development

Many children are naturally talented in different skills and these talents need to be developed to help them reach their full potentials in such skills, apart from conventional education, developing the underlying skills and potentials of children within and outside our care remains a top priority.

For the Environment, For The Child

Africa Child Aid mobilizes, and inspire children and communities to work together to bring about environmental and social progress. We recognizes that the Earth's resources are finite and that good stewardship is essential for the well being of current and future generations.

Child Rescue and Rehabilitation

Children discovered by our rescue team and volunteers to be under serious threat are rescued and taken to our care facility. They are also given counseling which goes a long way to boosting their psychological wellbeing and repairing the mental damages caused by stigmatization and abuse.