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Breaking Barriers to Access STEM Subjects in South Africa


STEM [ Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths ] today are still seen to be very male related subjects with less than 40% of graduates of these subjects being women. In South Africa, this number is even lower. This project aims to promote and introduce these subjects to women in South Africa to break the barriers for them to access these subjects and get employment within these areas.

  • Summary

    STEM are subjects which are phasing huge ethnic and gender gaps across South Africa. This limits the infrastructure, innovation and industrialization of the country and hinders it from developing with the modern times. By providing information and resources for STEM education to marginalized communities we are contributing to reduced inequality and the opportunity for the country to grow and develop.

  • Challenge

    The STEM subjects are currently facing a lack of ethnic groups and large gender gaps across the country and therefore is an essential part to tackle SDG 11 reduce inequalities. Girls and women are faced with stereotypes and lack of encouragement to enter the STEM subjects and disadvantaged communities often lack the resources to be able to teach in the classroom. These are issues which are particularly present in South Africa, a country which is in desperate need of innovation and industrialization.

  • Solution

    Through local partners, we want to provide disadvantaged communities and girls with information to encourage STEM subjects, provide STEM equipment to disadvantaged children to build a passion for STEM at an early age. This will include the participation of local teachers and community workers to ensure sustainability and ownership.

  • Impact

    By encouraging children and youth across South Africa to study STEM, we are reducing inequalities and gender differences and contributing to a sustainable nation. South Africa is currently phasing shortages in qualified doctors and health professionals, as well as engineers and programmers, professions which we know, are the professions of the future. This will therefore increase the quality of services and products being delivered in South Africa and increase the standard of living.

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