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Feed Hungry Children In Bhongolethu

Community Development

A hungry child can't focus in school. By providing meals each day will help stimulate the young minds. This project feeds over 300 students daily from your donations!

  • Summary

    Despite a change of leadership, nothing has changed for the ordinary citizen of Bhongolethu. This project aims to assist the 320 day scholars at the local Primary School with daily nutritious lunch, by assisting with something for the we hope to alleviate struggles so that the children can focus on their education

  • Challenge

    For years, Bhongolethu has been devastated by economic crises, drought, high unemployment and the spread of HIV. Our project has been particularly hard hit. Our community schools presently have over 400 day scholars, most do not have access to food and come to school hungry. Studies show that students are not able to learn when hungry and therefore canít learn.

  • Solution

    The project supports local primary schools in rural Bhongolethu. All our day scholars receive a lunch funded by you, this is most of the time, the only meal they receive in a day. Providing lunch helps our students engage and focus on a much needed education to give a chance to access employment.

  • Impact

    Our objectives are simple: to continue to assist the local community in every way we can Ė particularly with the feeding of primary school children. This will help them concentrate and focus on their studies while they are at school and will also provide them with some of the nutrients that they are lacking.

  • For every R100 you donate, R80 goes directly to our projects and the other R20 helps us carry on our work.