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Fund Sports Education In South Africa

Community Development

Sport for children can accelerate a childís personal growth. Sport can help with learning, mental and physical health while uniting communities. This project is an essential part of childhood development and a gift to this project will help fund our school project to continue to provide sports education.

  • Summary

    Sports education and being active is a vital part of a childís development and success in schooling. However, for many children in South Africa, there is a lack of sports equipment, proper and safe infrastructure to practise in and often no teachers educated to providing sports education. Our goal is to provide our local township school in South Africa with the necessary resources to provide activities for the children.

  • Challenge

    With most children in South Africa lacking access to education in general, it becomes hard to prioritize educated sports activities, as they are barely receiving school books and safe learning facilities. Due to the lack of funding most rural or informal schools donít have sports equipment, proper infrastructure or playgrounds. Without safe outdoor activities at a young age, children are at risk of poor health as well as putting themselves in danger when they try to play in unsafe areas.

  • Solution

    By funding sports equipment, resources and educating the children on the importance of sports and recreation in their development, we hope to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the children in our local school. We also hope to improve their attitudes towards sport and extra-curricular activities so that they understand the importance whilst being safe. By providing a safe place for the children to play, we hope to keep these children safe from gangs, external abuse as they donít have to go to the streets.

  • Impact

    Long term impact of this project will be to boost the overall health and wellbeing of the children in the school as well as hopefully motivating children to take it further, as a career in sports education. By providing the necessary resources, equipment and infrastructure we hope to give these children a sense of pride in their schooling and motivate them as they are not missing out on a key part of their education.

  • For every R100 you donate, R80 goes directly to our projects and the other R20 helps us carry on our work.